Portfolio Samples

1. General demo reel showing animation clips from 2013-2015. Composited video, 2D animation and 3D animation.

2. Too Ugly 2 Prostitute will be installed at the Boca Museum of Art in Boca Raton, FL in the summer of 2016. This work is still in progress.


Too Ugly 2 Prostitute is an animated narrative manifested from my interest in children's media, forgotten lands, and my experiences living in Miami, FL. In the video the main character (Horse) is featured standing alone. After the rain clears a mouse appears and allows him to follow along with her.


The idea that bootstrap pulling is the simple key to helping their situation they travel through lands and meet  other characters. The encounter several vices and are convinced that bootstrap pulling is what leads them to their "success" in the end. The notion of bootstrap pulling is absurd and the story is narrated by a voice that is slow and dry.


3. Hearts Are Dead

Hearts are Dead 2014


Three friends travel together in a perilous journey. Along the way they see booze bottles, fallen witches under rocks and a haunted bat. This journey in narrated by a monstrous mouth telling the story in a song.

4. Good Juice

Good Juice 2014


This animation features characters traveling through themes of loneliness and addiction. All is fine until a girl with pink hair crashes the party. She spreads her bad habits throughout town and splits. With a singing dolphin narrating these events, bottles click and bird dinosaurs drink!

5. Hanging Around Town- GIF Series

This series of gifs are inspired by reconstructed memories of my hometown and characters in my adolescent life.

7. No Fear Print Series (2015, Install photos at Space 1026 in Philadelpia, PA)

This is a brand new series of prints that take No Fear slogans from the popular 90’s t-shirts and uses the text to combine a rural

western landscape with strange tidbits of popular culture from the time. I grew up in Wyoming right before the Internet became

accessible to everyone and these images speak to a place that is isolated from popular culture commodities in every-way except for glimpses through cable TV. I use the No Fear slogans because they were such a part of being “tough” and being a “man” in Wyoming at the time. No Fear was the ultimate attitude.

8. Drawing and Illustration 2013-15

9. Sculpture and Installation 2010-15