The works in The Teeth Beneath are characters who have slipped the boundaries of a comforting indoor universe. They flicker to life from television screens in the form of hand-drawn and digital animations. They rest in a corner or on the floor, imaginary friends and ghosts. Tiffany invests the innocent and child-like with the same drives as the trickster, the buffoon or the clown.







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This demo reel shares narrative and non-narrative projects spanning from 2010-2015 clipped together.






Lightning was created for a two-person exhibition (G-Litter) at CEI Gallery in Corvallis, OR. The main character to exists in a place where haunting knick-knacks force her to play a game catapulting her into a place not based in a reality that humans are familiar with.


Bootstraps (click image to see video)


Bootstraps is an animated narrative manifested from my interest in children's media, forgotten lands, and my experiences living in Miami, FL. In the video the main character (Horse) is featured standing alone. After the rain clears a mouse appears and allows him to follow along with her.


The idea that bootstrap pulling is the simple key to helping their situation they travel through lands and meet  other characters. The encounter several vices and are convinced that bootstrap pulling is what leads them to their "success" in the end. The notion of bootstrap pulling is absurd and the story is narrated by a voice that is slow and dry.


Hearts are Dead 2015 (click image to see video)


Three friends travel together in a perilous journey. Along the way they see booze bottles, fallen witches under rocks and a haunted bat. This journey is narrated by a monstrous mouth singing along the way.

Good Juice 2014 (click image to see video)


This animation features characters traveling through themes of loneliness and addiction. All is fine until a girl with pink hair crashes the party. She spreads her bad habits throughout town and splits. With a singing dolphin singing in narration the puppet with the pink hair wreaks havok on this small community of creatures.


FRIENDS OUT THERE TRYPTIC (click image to see video)




Hail Mary 2016 (click image to see video)


Attempting to piece together memories and run away from them at the same time I have taken clips of audio and strung them together. Characters pop in and out while the cartoon version of myself runs as fast as she can.


(click image to see video)

Glitter Sticklers 2014 (click image to see video)


Having always placed worth on worthless objects I explore placement and matching with doll clothes and gifs of pop culture characters I am sentimental about. Pairing each gif with its matching outfit I make visual relations and associations about color, shape and the suggestive nature of the doll clothes.


Kuntry Store (click image to see video)

8550 Ohio Residency     2012


Desitineez Child Collaborative

April and Carmen did a huge project at Harold Arts in 2012. It was called Kuntry Store and here are the great items and people we had for pleasure! After the store closed all the money that was made purchased beer for the entire residency.

The Secret (click image to see video)



Destineez Child Collaborative

April and Carmen have created this informative video to help you pull yourself out of the deepest of mud puddles. All the helpful information is based of a man's notebook found in an abandoned home in Sullivan County, New York.


Drawings and 2D digital prints spanning 2012-2016. Focused on the color, patterns and broken imagery these works piece together constructed and vague memories.


No Fear comprises of sculpture, video and prints that are inspiration for punching onward, even in moments of ambivalence. Works grasp tightly as they dangle from the bottom of the social ladder, but as primal behaviors are forced out of a survivalists instinct they face a state of a menial existence with abrasive tendencies.



Our minds process memory and trauma in ways that are mysterious, and for me an obsession. My work is about reconstructing stories and visualizations as time erodes clarity and the order of events. The human brain processes life events and creates new narratives that help us cope and survive as best we can. Trauma is the catalyst for the greatest stories humans have ever told. Storytelling is what humans do innately. Content and form is driven by technology and culture within their respective timelines. Since before I can remember I have created visual content, and for the last decade animation and video in various forms has been my preferred mode of storytelling.


Combining visual elements of the rural American West I contaminate fantastical artifice with life’s, often visceral, realities. Exploiting the societal underbelly of the American West, where I grew up, I create lineage between social entropies and utopian ideologies instilled in modern childhood. Addressing these themes through an investigation of the deterioration of memory. Memories are reimagined repeatedly over time.


Using several mediums, I attempt to reconstruct my memories and investigate the significance of childhood imagination in relation to the destitute and isolated regions of culture. Using fantastical characters, I subtly blur the line between predator and prey in a haunting beauty. Working primarily in animation, drawing, and installation I focus on a bright color palette mimicking the aesthetics of childhood fantasy and fables. I heavily reference textile, pattern, popular culture and illustrative architecture to create visual archetypes within each body of work.


Ambiguity in linear storytelling is important to me because the work is also about texture and color, so the narrative leaves many questions while eyes are busy bouncing from object to object. Investigating how the spectacle of entertainment rivals the reality of life's complications inspires my research and studio practice.


Carmen Tiffany received her BFA from Minnesota State University in 2005, and her MFA from the University of South Florida in 2010. Working in several mediums, including installation and video, Carmen has exhibited in the United States and Europe. Recent exhibitions include Miami, New York, and Chicago. Carmen is also part of a collaboration with April Childers called Destineez Child.


Boca Raton Magazine All Stars

Boca Raton Magazine Teeth Beneath

Videofocus Magazine


Selected Exhibitions


Wake Up! Woodshop Projects, Corvallis, OR

G-Litter, CEI Artworks Gallery, Corvallis, OR



Intersectionality, MOCA, Miami, FL

2016 All Florida Invitational, Boca Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL

The Teeth Beneath My Feet (solo), Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL

Episode 1: Look Alive!, L.O.G., Chapel Hill NC



Collabo 5, Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL

No Fear, Space 1026, Philadelpia, PA

Plus Art Shop II, 99cent Plus, Brooklyn, New York

Cosmic Horizons, Prism Pipe, Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA screening



Destineez Child Presents, Traysh, Knockdown Center, Flushing, NY

Acid Reflux, Projects Space, Ft. Lauderdale

Poor Happy, Swampspace Miami, FL

Outside the Box, Whitespace, West Palm Beach, FL

Good Juice, Atlanta Underground Film Festival, Atlanta GA screening

Good Juice, Big Mini Media Festival, Spike Lee Screening Room, Brooklyn, NY screening



Waiting World, Chartier Gallery, Derby, CT screening

AV Show, Swampspace, Miami FL

Abaracadabara! Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood FL



The Accident, Optic Nerve 14, MOCA, De la Cruz Collection, Miami, FL, BIG Screen Plaza, NYC

Destineez Child Presents, Special Screening DC!! Three Walls, Chicago, IL screening

Destineez Child Presents, Alien Invasion!, Miami, FL

Destineez Child Presents, Kuntry Store, Harold Arts, Chesterhill, OH

Everything is Going to be Fine!, Wynwood Exhibition Center, Miami, FL

Destineez Child Presents, Strollers!,Dependant Art Fair, Amory Arts Week, Lower East Side, NYC

Double Take, Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL



Humortorium, Sailboat Bend Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Add Juncture, Sailboat Bend Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

David Castillo Open, David Castillo Gallery, Miami, FL

Destineez Child Presents, The Waiting Room, New Capitol, Chicago, IL

Sickly Sweet, Tampa, FL

2x4, The Laundromat, Brooklyn, NY

Faculty Show, Broward College Gallery, Davie, FL



Destineez Child Presents, #rank Miami, Seven Art Fair - Ed Winkleman Gallery, Miami Art Basel, FL

Miami Art Salon, 810 Projects, Miami FL

Wanna Pickle?,Tempest Projects, Tampa, FL

Misc! Animation and Video, New York Studio Gallery, NYC, NY

ROUSE, Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, FL

Destineez Child Presents, SITEfest 2010, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY

Stills Show, 700 IS Film and Video Festival, 5 Venue Tour including CIA Center of Icelandic Art, Iceland



Digi-A-Go Go!, Wynwood Arts District, Art Basel Miami 2009

You Become Your Thoughts, PUNCH Gallery, Seattle, WA

10X10, Lake Worth Storage, Lake Worth, FL

5X5 Works on Paper, [5] Art Gallery, Tampa, FL

Florida Consortium of Art Schools 2009 Juried Exhibition, FSU Museum of Fine Arts, Tallahassee, FL, Juror: Libby Lumpkin (catalogue)

Showtel, Hotel Biba, West Palm Beach, FL (catalogue)

33rd Annual Student Juried Show, Centre Gallery, Tampa, FL *Best In Show*

Blow Up!, Shiftspace Gallery, Wichita, KS

Dirty Show, Bert’s Warehouse Theatre, Detroit, MI

Peanut Got Squished Too Hard, William and Nancy Oliver Gallery, Tampa, FL (solo)